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Date Archives: September 2015

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It comes faster than you can imagine - the next, newest social media tool or app for your business.  Everyone is the best and everyone of them you have to get in on because they are the latest and greatest thing to grow your real estate business, right?  But if you are constantly jumping "next" are you missing out on the "now"?

Most social media marketers will repeat 1 thing about using social media in your marketing strategy - "use what you like, and what you will use consistently".  The biggest thing about using social media is using it in such way that your content is native and frequent.  Which means, it needs to be something you are familiar with and will use daily.  

So start there - yes you will want to grow and use multiple social platforms eventually, but start with consistency - check out this video for a crash intro into social media strategy!


It is very easy, and bears an element of Loyalty, to stick it out or stay with a company for the long haul of your real estate career.  In fact, I am a firm believer that it's not as much the company, but rather the Realtor that determines the success of your career in real estate.  Basically, one of the best things about this work is that you have no one to blame but yourself.  You create your success, or you fail through apathetic and lazy technique.  It is really hard to blame a company that you chose to join for not being successful.  I mean, sure, they need training and support - which any good company should have (like Eagle Realty does) - but really, you as a Realtor need to focus and do the things that will make you successful.

Here is where you need to evaluate your current company status though:  Is the growth of your career, and the ceiling of your success being limited by the place where your license hangs?  Is the commission split too low and not putting enough into your pocket to re-invest in your business?  Is the support and BIC involvement to help YOUR success just non-existent?  Are there too many corporate rules and regulations that cap your time & growth rate?  These are just a few questions to ask about whether a company change is needed...

We want you to be successful, no matter where you are - but the question is, "Could you be more successful at Eagle?"



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As a Real Estate Professional, it is important to be safe in today culture.  No matter who you work for or with, being aware and being safe is always a priority.  At Eagle Realty, we want all Realtors to be safe!  Watch This Video!