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Date Archives: October 2015

Quick Realtor Tips - Neighborhood Marketing Reports Home

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Your Success may not be defined by someone else's Story. It might not be defined by Someone else's Brand.  And it might not fit into the System they say You need....


Combine the elements of being a relevant, technology driven, social marketing, and entrepreneurial focused company, that cares about their agents success and is available to guide and support 24/7, and you have an environment where you can grow your business!  We don't tell you that you can only do "this one way" to be successful...we work with you to define your "how" for you to be a success in Real Estate!



Learn More by visiting - 



Before being subdued for the Holiday Season of 2015, where your work starts to take a back seat to the distractions and activities of the end of the year - i implore you to gear up and hit the gas pedal!  Take advantage of other Reatlors slacking in your local market, like north myrtle beach!  Ramp up farming efforts, network and contact past clients, ask for new business - now is the time where you have a great intro ("ready for the holidays"?) to open up a conversation, or send something of value to your database and farm areas.  Tell investors that they have opportunity to buy at a slow season of the market.  Create value with year end "Neighborhood Home Value Reports for 2015" (for example) - 

I believe you can head into 2016 by closing out 2015 with a ton of momentum!  And most importnatly - evaluate your current business conditions?  Does a change help or hurt your real estate career?  Something to consider as you take stock and evaluate your 2015 real estate business!


When you want a TRUE value of your home or property, trusting a local "human" expert in your market place.  True Realtor Professionals can be trusted to know the ins and out of a local market, or even a local neighborhood, or street.  You want an accurate value, by someone with all the data and knowledge of working in the area.  An internet formula used the same everywhere by a data website won't cut it for being accurate.  Trust your Real Estate professional wherever you live to give you a better value by visiting their Home Value Website - (like this for example in North Myrtle Beach), trust your Realtor...unless they're a robot...


Choosing a real estate company is unique.  In fact, you as a Realtor are as much in the driver seat because your are interviewing each company as much as they are interviewing you.  You will want to find out as much about the company and their culture before hand so that you can be informed and find the best fit for your success in Real Estate.  At Eagle Realty, we make that easy for you - with a quick visit and no pressure setting, you can find out all about us here at