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Date Archives: November 2015

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So many will tell you to buy leads, or wait for the phone to ring, your email to ding, or the door to open.  Most franchsies promise leads based on your passive actions....where else does that ever work to grow your business?  Your decision to GENERATE leads is the best one you can make.  Dont sit around and wait, lets us teach you how to take action to start growing your real estate business with leads that come from where NAR tells us the majority of our closed sales will (and has always) come from.  At Eagle, we can help...check out or view video here!


Much debate goes on about Real Estate franchises and how they play to the success of your Real Estate our some of our thoughts at Eagle Realty


A Broker who sells in Real Estate seems to be a sentenced riddled with 4-letter words.  But really?!  Has it really affected your business or just your attitude?  I think you may need to take a look at this Real Estate Career Video to calm yourself down...


I really wish i would have thought to wrtie this before Halloween - it would have been catchy.  Oh kind of seems counter intuitive to talk about having "fear" in your career.  Shouldn't we be fearless?  Well, as a great man once said, "Courage is not the abscence of fear, but rather acting in spite of our fear"...or something like that.  In Real Estate, we can have alot of fears about our career. Whether getting started, the learning curve, no salary to count on, being able to self-motivate every day, keeping deals together, dealing with problem clients, asking for business, and the list goes on and on.  But, all those fears are also the greatest source of making a successful career.  When we operate in spite of the fear and press forward, we find we CAN be successful!  At Eagle Realty, we want to encourage you that you can be a success.  You can still have some fear and be great!  The fear in your career will motivate you to move forward in courageous ways to help more people, get more business, and achieve goals and success you dreamed of at the start.  W can help -