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Date Archives: May 2016

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Entrepreneur Fitness - EP 2 - Special Memorial Day Edition


Staying #FitFor the holiday - just because it is a holiday we know we need to stay working, grinding, and fit.  That doesn't mean taking a break to relax and have a cook out with family.  Especially on Memorial Day, it's a must.  And it for sure doesn't mean not taking a time-out to remember the brave mena nd women that have served and sacrificed to protect our country, the USA, and those that still fight for our nation.  We always remember and never forget those who gave everything for this country.

I took time to do a #crossfit workout called #Murph - a Hero WOD consisting of:

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

You do it for time and this workout is no joke!

Enjoy the video, and i hope you enjoyed your holiday!  


If you dont get that, then you have missed the point of business. Maybe of life if we want to get really philosophical for a moment. When we deem someone into "client" status, there is responsibility that comes along with that and an understanding of the creation of relationship that needs to addressed for a successful business to endure. No matter the industry, this needs to be taken to heart.

Personally, my real estate business is a great picture of how this plays off. Without genuine relationship with each client, its simply transaction management. Maybe that what some people want, some Realtors even. Just pure numbers game. But for me personally, I take the stance that each person i work with doesnt represent one transaction, but rather a network of business over the span of my career. To view it like that requires me to develop enough relationship that I become a part of my clients world whenever real estate is the topic. Whether it comes up for themselves, a co-worker, a family member, etc.

In every industry, a deeper understanding of client relationships can only improve the long term success of every business. Even when your company is running BIG numbers, to build a legacy of quality brand and success, the truth is their will be genuine correlation between how much "good" relationship there is between you (your business) and your clients.



I cant tell you how long i wanted to put this show out — while i know that I wanted to create a quality segment for the business and entrepreneur community, bringing them into my world and way of thinking when it comes to staying "fit" mind, body, and soul, i just couldnt wait any longer to get episode 1 out. In fact, i like the way that it will give me room to improve the quality of not only the hsow itself but the content as well.

But, in the meantime, episode 1 (below) is ready for your viewing! Our introductory episode talks about the general importance of Fitness in your weekly routine to stay successful and hustling in your career and business life. Keeping our bodies healthy and strong is a logical way to keep our business and career life successful. So join me as we talk business, hutle, and get our fitness on live from "my house" and my garage gym!


When it comes down to the foundations of good business...rather, Great Business...what do you find?  I guarantee, that one core value will be communication.  At our company, we believe it so strongly for Realtors, that it is a "key value" in our manifesto.  You hear a lot of about "relationships" in business, but without communication those relationships would not exist.

Here's the thing - communication comes in many shapes and forms and mediums due to the ever increasing platforms of social media.  You do realize that our social platforms, while relational, are only relational because they provide a means of communication between their users.  So how does this apply to Real Estate and our business?

Communicate with your audience where they are.  Its that simple.  You see their twitter account super active, DM them...if always posting and engaging on Facebook, private message them.  Are they a Snapchat enthusiast, chat at them.  The point is finding a way to communicate in their world so that they are more likely to communicate back.  Some of this is trial and error.  If you call them, they don't answer, try texting.  No response, a quick email.  Nothing?  Find them on social media and shoot a message....if you want their attention and business, you're going to have to put some effort and focus on communicating on multiple platforms and mediums.  

In real estate especially, we are dealing with multiple generations and demographics - the only way to increase your business and success is to vary and grow how and where we communicate. 


I have had the privelege of chapreroning my 7th grade son's band field trip to Williamsburg, VA.  We got to go on a ghost tour in downtown colonial Wiliamsburg, my first time in the area, and it made for some great pictures and an interesting experience.  Now if you want to hear and experience what we did i reccomend you book a trip.  I wont go deep into my individual experience, at least not for the purposes of this blog.  But, i do want to make an observation:  As the ghost tour guide told stories of expereince and the experience of others at various locations and homes around the town, i realized our social media marketing is really story telling.

Whether you mean to or not, you are weaving a stroy with every tweet, blog, video, post - and the best salesman are the best story tellers.  So my questions is, how intentional are you?  If you havent realized you're a story teller, well now you do...and how will that change how you use the different social platforms?  How will your story (post) engage your audience, capture their attentions, draw them in, or cause them to action? Describing a new listing - sharing a market update - fun at your latest networking event.  You are a story teller and author to multiple audiences looking to buy in to the right content (story).  

So think about this next time you post - the best story you ever heard, what drew you in?



Not all Social Media platforms are the same - i know as a Realtor, your probably know that.  But then why do we act in the opposite of our knowledge.  At the core, its most likely because we say we believe it, but we dont.  A video posted to both Youtube and Facebook...a picture on intagram and snapchat..a tweet and a blog (well, at least that one i hope you get the difference).  Heres the thing - while efficiency screams at us to re-post everywhere, the real strategy is being able to use the same content, but create strings of native posts from it that match each platform's unique audience and demographics for the best reach and response.

My first suggestion is this - Start with either a blog or video.  If you can make one, you can most likely create the other. - Though those who choose the Blogging medium may not feel they have the onscreen personality to make a video - or editing ability - or maybe a good voice over (guess what, thats why there is )...but really, a blog or video is the longest bit of content from which you can draw smaller native posts and content from for the other platforms.

Next time, we wil talk about splitting off those "parts" from the whole


#GaryVee made a good point in his newest book - "ideas are (crap), execution is everything" - Listen to coaches like Tom Ferry or Alex Charfen the main idea that screams through all the content is "DO!" Do, Do, Do - keep hustling, keep looking for the opportunities, keep moving forward....create, execute, evaluate, then repeat.  

Social Media and our internet culutre has led some people to believe that there is a magic formula where you dont have to work at a great idea you have and you instnatly become a billionare...with a B.  Or, that your marketing strategy can be isolated to some magic social platform that will net you a 1000% ROI for your minimal efforts.  

If anything, Social Media Marketing has taught us just the opposite.  Your competition has gotten larger and the attention span of your audience smaller.  There is constant trial and error for ad creation, content boosting, post timing, boosting email open rates and click name it.  

The point?  Action wins...out hustle the competition, create more, execute more, evaluate more - and repeat.


There is so much good content on social media marketing for realtors out there.  Sometimes concise and sometime overwhelming.  Through it all, i think the main foundational idea is social media marketing is not a fad, but rather an important component of your marketing strategy in real estate.  Its not something you can ignore if real estate is your long term passion and career.  It is a part of our culture, just like computers, internet, emails, smart phones.  Its a basis of communication with clients and prospects.  You can no longer ignore it or say you don't like.  

Here is the thing though - you don't have to know everything or be an expert on every platform from the start.  NO ONE KNOW ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA.  And new platforms are created every day.  So be patient, start with what you know and what you will use consistently.  Just don't stay in the dark about it...