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Date Archives: June 2016

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FitFor #Vacation - Episode 5 of #Entrepreneur Fitness

In this episode of Entrepreneur Fitness - Fit For #Vacation we:

Workout -
50 Reps each of
- Floor Press (min 135#)
- Jump Rope (Single Under's - x3 (150)
- SDHP (Sumo DeadLift High Pull)
- Lateral Bar Jumps
Abs (3 rounds)
- 30 Situps
- 20 Leg Lifts
- 30 Bicycle Crunch

Vacation is a necessary element for any entrepreneur or Business person to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. This doesn't mean stop work completely, but rather unplug for time of relaxation, play, and family connecting. In todays culture and age we can work pretty much from anywhere - so the trick more than ever is to learn how to dis-connect long enough to keep your tank full so you can continue to hustle at the top of your game!


We talked about engagement last time with our audiences on various social media platforms.  But before we engage, we need an audience to engage with.  Follower, fan, etc growth is a key factor when using social media for long term marketing stragey.  We need audience, and more than that we need attention of the audience (but that is a different topic).  Getting an audience comes in a couple ways...

From an organic stand point, you want to grow steady and slow - starting with your network, family, friends.  Follow them, they follow back - etc.  From there, the opportunity for exponentially webbing out your network through your closer "circle" connections is easier because you have common "friends" or "connections" in common to bring them into your network.  I speak here for any platform - facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

Then, you want to follow influencers.  Not just famous people, but people who have a base of people that are the people or "audience" you want to have.  Connect with them, then connect to their fan base as well.

You also have the pay per "like" route for facebook.  The #hashtag strategy for instagram.  The re-tweet/like route for twitter.  And as far as Pinterest/Linkedin/Snap you have developing ways of connecting that are evolving both organically and monetized ways.

Each platform has various ways to grow your audience base but here are 2 things to remember: 

1. good content will always gain a larger audience

2. see rule #1


FitFor Investing - Episode 4 of Entrepreneur Fitness

Special Guest: Nicholas Sowers -

In this episode our workout was:
4 Rounds
25 pushups
15 Bar Back Squats
10 Ring Dips (or modified chair dips)
100 meter sprint

5:00 minute AMRAP
20 sit ups
20 crunches
20 oblique twists

We talked about wise investing, being logical in your investments, being practical in your investments, and never investing in something you can't explain.

Nick took a path of being a full-time investor as an entrepreneur from a bank day job. A broad leap for sure! He is the definition of someone who realized they weren't cut out for a 9-5pm job and wanted a different path in life. Entrepreneurship.


When is comes to social media marketing, especially as realtors, we hear: content is king.  No doubt, without quality and relevant content, you're really not using social media in the correct way.  To get noticed, to gain attention, you have to put out stuff that people pay attention to, and not just scroll past.  That is all true - but that is only half the battle (well maybe more like 80%....etc)

What happens next is really the gauge on whether you are turning your SMM (social media marketing) into lead conversion.  The word of the day: Engagement.  Without engagement with your content, and engagement between you and those consuming your content, its just content out on the web. (which las ti checked, there is plenty of)

When we talk about engagement of your content, that would include the: likes, shares, impressions (somewhat), comments, watches, pins, etc.  The consumption and interaction with your content = engagement.

Now, the next step if you engaging with the engagement.  All those people who just angaged with your content are potential customers you need to connect with.  Through commenting back to those that commented, thanking people for re-tweets, showing appreciation for likes and shares...whatever you have to do to show people you are paying attention to those that consume your content and that you desire genuine interaction.  Thats what social platforms can provide.  Making the world a smaller place, so that your business can be "small town" in a "big world".



This video is about Entrepeneur Fitness Episode 3 #fitfor_____ #tech

Sean McKenna - owner and founder of MMTech Designs, Host on Tech Blab and Talking Start Up, and owner of Carolina Social Media ( )

In this episode we talk about how fitness and starting a business relate, the benefits of staying fit, social media is Sean's favorite, and how Chris sweats during a workout.

Our Workout Included - #FitFor - 
- 400 meter warm up run & stretch
- 21 reps 45lb Kettle Bell Swings 95 LB Deadlift L-Pullups (reverse grip)
-15 Reps 45LB Kettle Bell Swings 115 LB Dead Lift L-Pullups (reverse grip)
-9 Reps 45 LB KB Swings 135 LB Deadlift L-Pullups (reverse grip)


Some of you will read that title and instantly think "speed".  While there is a sense in quick paced forward motion that is semantically linked to "hustle", that is not the intent of my message here.  Have you ever read or heard the story of the "tortise & the hare"? Of course you have...and what did you learn?

You learned slow and stead wins the race.  Well, what about the next level?  What about fast and steady?  AKA, Hustle.  Did you ever think about if the rabbit would have kept up his pace and a steady (constant) rate?  Blow Out, right?  It wasnt really the turtle's slow and steady that won, it was the rabbit's lack of consistency.

Business is no different.  In fact, it is exaclty relatable.  A Pace that puts you in front of your competition, and one that you maintain with consistency, will always net you a win.  Or, success.  "Hustle" isnt about the pace - its about the conistency and the pace.  Does your business, career, idea, have both? 



In the last "Being A Social Realtor" post we talked about communicating to your audience where they are at.  That entails really knowing the demogrpahics and users on each platform.  That takes some grind to and research to really know each platform.  And if you are going to communicate on it, trying to be both organic in your reach and growth and native in your content is key.

Many of you in the social media world know that i am talking about in that last sentence  But many dont.  This article is more for them.  In fact, if you are well versed in social media content marketing and creation, you probably want to stop reading...and on the other hand, i know a company hiring in the Carolina's you might want to check out - 

For the rest fo us, organic growth and native content, lets look into what the means:

Organic Growth - pretty simply, dont use gimmicks or pay for followers.  While Facebook Ads are acceptable to gain page growth because you can demographically target the audience you want to reach, paying for follower growth servies on twitter and instagram, for example, is frowned upon and really doesnt help you in the long run with your efforts of reach and marketing and conversion.

Native Content - each social media plaform has a language.  Understanding how to speak and put out content that matches that language is a learned skill.  A picture that gains 50 likes on Instagram may barely get noticed on twitter - a 5 minute video on YouTube may not get the views on Facebook.  A Pinterest cover photo to a blog/article may get better click thru's rather than when shared on instagram.  Knowing (and trying) to find what works langauge (content) wise is a skill that must be honed and improved over and over again.

Next time we will talk about not forgetting to "engage" with your audience -