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Another Freaking Hurricane... So Might As Well Brand More | EP 80 | Thee Eagle Reality

Well, luckily hurricane Michael didn't show it's teeth in the carolinas. We are praying for the devastation in the pan handle of Florida though. But really, WTH! What is with all these storms! Ok, time to breath and calm down. And, time to get back to #marketing and #branding. Branding (the long game) can get lost in the shuffle in #realestate activity for most realtors, especially when things are busy and sales are rocking (like they have most of 2018). But when things slow down, like they have in the past 30 days in SC, it gives us time to really evaluate our branding efforts as Realtor professionals. Time for your Q4 to really ramp up and create momentum for your branding for the rest of 2018 and moving into 2019. -- – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa