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Email Post to a Friend: Stop Complaining | EP 112 | Thee Eagle Reality

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Stop Complaining | EP 112 | Thee Eagle Reality


We know we have shortened up the #vlog some when it comes to how many days you are seeing here at Eagle Realty in each episode, but that just means i can rant some more value at you each time for your real estate career. Here are a couple highlights from today's episode... 1. Stop Complaining - #realtors, its a must. 2. Build Your Brand - there is no choice if you want to succeed long term in your need to start now. 3. Eat lunch at the beach on fridays - well, this is not a "have-to", but it really is a good choice Work hard, work efficiently and enjoy this industry you get to be a part of! -- – Career – Chris Ward BIC Page – Alexa