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FitFor #Vacation - Episode 5 of #Entrepreneur Fitness

In this episode of Entrepreneur Fitness - Fit For #Vacation we:

Workout -
50 Reps each of
- Floor Press (min 135#)
- Jump Rope (Single Under's - x3 (150)
- SDHP (Sumo DeadLift High Pull)
- Lateral Bar Jumps
Abs (3 rounds)
- 30 Situps
- 20 Leg Lifts
- 30 Bicycle Crunch

Vacation is a necessary element for any entrepreneur or Business person to recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally. This doesn't mean stop work completely, but rather unplug for time of relaxation, play, and family connecting. In todays culture and age we can work pretty much from anywhere - so the trick more than ever is to learn how to dis-connect long enough to keep your tank full so you can continue to hustle at the top of your game!


FitFor Investing - Episode 4 of Entrepreneur Fitness

Special Guest: Nicholas Sowers -

In this episode our workout was:
4 Rounds
25 pushups
15 Bar Back Squats
10 Ring Dips (or modified chair dips)
100 meter sprint

5:00 minute AMRAP
20 sit ups
20 crunches
20 oblique twists

We talked about wise investing, being logical in your investments, being practical in your investments, and never investing in something you can't explain.

Nick took a path of being a full-time investor as an entrepreneur from a bank day job. A broad leap for sure! He is the definition of someone who realized they weren't cut out for a 9-5pm job and wanted a different path in life. Entrepreneurship.



This video is about Entrepeneur Fitness Episode 3 #fitfor_____ #tech

Sean McKenna - owner and founder of MMTech Designs, Host on Tech Blab and Talking Start Up, and owner of Carolina Social Media ( )

In this episode we talk about how fitness and starting a business relate, the benefits of staying fit, social media is Sean's favorite, and how Chris sweats during a workout.

Our Workout Included - #FitFor - 
- 400 meter warm up run & stretch
- 21 reps 45lb Kettle Bell Swings 95 LB Deadlift L-Pullups (reverse grip)
-15 Reps 45LB Kettle Bell Swings 115 LB Dead Lift L-Pullups (reverse grip)
-9 Reps 45 LB KB Swings 135 LB Deadlift L-Pullups (reverse grip)



Entrepreneur Fitness - EP 2 - Special Memorial Day Edition


Staying #FitFor the holiday - just because it is a holiday we know we need to stay working, grinding, and fit.  That doesn't mean taking a break to relax and have a cook out with family.  Especially on Memorial Day, it's a must.  And it for sure doesn't mean not taking a time-out to remember the brave mena nd women that have served and sacrificed to protect our country, the USA, and those that still fight for our nation.  We always remember and never forget those who gave everything for this country.

I took time to do a #crossfit workout called #Murph - a Hero WOD consisting of:

1 mile run

100 pull ups

200 push ups

300 air squats

1 mile run

You do it for time and this workout is no joke!

Enjoy the video, and i hope you enjoyed your holiday!  


I cant tell you how long i wanted to put this show out — while i know that I wanted to create a quality segment for the business and entrepreneur community, bringing them into my world and way of thinking when it comes to staying "fit" mind, body, and soul, i just couldnt wait any longer to get episode 1 out. In fact, i like the way that it will give me room to improve the quality of not only the hsow itself but the content as well.

But, in the meantime, episode 1 (below) is ready for your viewing! Our introductory episode talks about the general importance of Fitness in your weekly routine to stay successful and hustling in your career and business life. Keeping our bodies healthy and strong is a logical way to keep our business and career life successful. So join me as we talk business, hutle, and get our fitness on live from "my house" and my garage gym!