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So pumped!  It's September again which mean #ClientAppreciation month is back @ Eagle Realty in North Myrtle Beach.  Clients like you are the only thing that has kept our real estate and rental business, in business, for over 15 years now!!  Your loyalty and referrals to all of our agents and teams are compliment enough for the service we get to give you and the expert knowledge of the real estate market in our local area.

So join in the FUN - go to and enter in contests with every Referral you give!  And, if you have been a recent client of ours, you will be getting an invtie to our annual, Client Appreciation Party at the end of the month!  Contact your Eagle Realty agent today for more details!



We talked about engagement last time with our audiences on various social media platforms.  But before we engage, we need an audience to engage with.  Follower, fan, etc growth is a key factor when using social media for long term marketing stragey.  We need audience, and more than that we need attention of the audience (but that is a different topic).  Getting an audience comes in a couple ways...

From an organic stand point, you want to grow steady and slow - starting with your network, family, friends.  Follow them, they follow back - etc.  From there, the opportunity for exponentially webbing out your network through your closer "circle" connections is easier because you have common "friends" or "connections" in common to bring them into your network.  I speak here for any platform - facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

Then, you want to follow influencers.  Not just famous people, but people who have a base of people that are the people or "audience" you want to have.  Connect with them, then connect to their fan base as well.

You also have the pay per "like" route for facebook.  The #hashtag strategy for instagram.  The re-tweet/like route for twitter.  And as far as Pinterest/Linkedin/Snap you have developing ways of connecting that are evolving both organically and monetized ways.

Each platform has various ways to grow your audience base but here are 2 things to remember: 

1. good content will always gain a larger audience

2. see rule #1


When it comes down to the foundations of good business...rather, Great Business...what do you find?  I guarantee, that one core value will be communication.  At our company, we believe it so strongly for Realtors, that it is a "key value" in our manifesto.  You hear a lot of about "relationships" in business, but without communication those relationships would not exist.

Here's the thing - communication comes in many shapes and forms and mediums due to the ever increasing platforms of social media.  You do realize that our social platforms, while relational, are only relational because they provide a means of communication between their users.  So how does this apply to Real Estate and our business?

Communicate with your audience where they are.  Its that simple.  You see their twitter account super active, DM them...if always posting and engaging on Facebook, private message them.  Are they a Snapchat enthusiast, chat at them.  The point is finding a way to communicate in their world so that they are more likely to communicate back.  Some of this is trial and error.  If you call them, they don't answer, try texting.  No response, a quick email.  Nothing?  Find them on social media and shoot a message....if you want their attention and business, you're going to have to put some effort and focus on communicating on multiple platforms and mediums.  

In real estate especially, we are dealing with multiple generations and demographics - the only way to increase your business and success is to vary and grow how and where we communicate. 


#GaryVee made a good point in his newest book - "ideas are (crap), execution is everything" - Listen to coaches like Tom Ferry or Alex Charfen the main idea that screams through all the content is "DO!" Do, Do, Do - keep hustling, keep looking for the opportunities, keep moving forward....create, execute, evaluate, then repeat.  

Social Media and our internet culutre has led some people to believe that there is a magic formula where you dont have to work at a great idea you have and you instnatly become a billionare...with a B.  Or, that your marketing strategy can be isolated to some magic social platform that will net you a 1000% ROI for your minimal efforts.  

If anything, Social Media Marketing has taught us just the opposite.  Your competition has gotten larger and the attention span of your audience smaller.  There is constant trial and error for ad creation, content boosting, post timing, boosting email open rates and click name it.  

The point?  Action wins...out hustle the competition, create more, execute more, evaluate more - and repeat.


When you want a TRUE value of your home or property, trusting a local "human" expert in your market place.  True Realtor Professionals can be trusted to know the ins and out of a local market, or even a local neighborhood, or street.  You want an accurate value, by someone with all the data and knowledge of working in the area.  An internet formula used the same everywhere by a data website won't cut it for being accurate.  Trust your Real Estate professional wherever you live to give you a better value by visiting their Home Value Website - (like this for example in North Myrtle Beach), trust your Realtor...unless they're a robot...



Every week you can find different tips and tricks to enhance your real estate career in north myrtle beach, SC. Eagle Realty it here to help grow your career no matter what company you are at.  If you want to know more about our company, visit - now, watch this short video here on our YouTube Channel for todays Realtor Marketing Tip