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The more i go through business and life, the more i realize passion/drive/desire cant't be taught or learned. At least not at a maximum level. Possibly it can be faked, or even used over a breif period of time or on a project. But that foundational element of passion/desire that lives inside individuals born with it can not be any more articualted or defined than it can be taught or passed on for others to have and use. I'm not preaching a lesson of discrimination against those who don't have it, but rather a self-awareness of those that do to not be dissapointed or frustrated by those that don't.

Many of us in business get really off point because we expect others to be like us when it comes to our passionate pusuit of the desire we have about the path we are walking. That can limit us and those around us.

So keep grinding — keep hustling — but dont expect everyone 100% to have the same drive/passion you have — they can't and won't. 


But let's be honest - basically all the time change is needed for growth. The only difference is sometimes that change is bigger than others. Ceilings always exist, and plateau's occur constantly. Breaking through and hitting the next level may take a step of faith to something different. Your #realestate career is no different. Don't get held back in your success....

@eaglerealtysc "Sometimes the right#company or the right #broker or just an#opportunity to #grow your #business the way you want can make all the difference in your #realestate


When is comes to social media marketing, especially as realtors, we hear: content is king.  No doubt, without quality and relevant content, you're really not using social media in the correct way.  To get noticed, to gain attention, you have to put out stuff that people pay attention to, and not just scroll past.  That is all true - but that is only half the battle (well maybe more like 80%....etc)

What happens next is really the gauge on whether you are turning your SMM (social media marketing) into lead conversion.  The word of the day: Engagement.  Without engagement with your content, and engagement between you and those consuming your content, its just content out on the web. (which las ti checked, there is plenty of)

When we talk about engagement of your content, that would include the: likes, shares, impressions (somewhat), comments, watches, pins, etc.  The consumption and interaction with your content = engagement.

Now, the next step if you engaging with the engagement.  All those people who just angaged with your content are potential customers you need to connect with.  Through commenting back to those that commented, thanking people for re-tweets, showing appreciation for likes and shares...whatever you have to do to show people you are paying attention to those that consume your content and that you desire genuine interaction.  Thats what social platforms can provide.  Making the world a smaller place, so that your business can be "small town" in a "big world".


In the last "Being A Social Realtor" post we talked about communicating to your audience where they are at.  That entails really knowing the demogrpahics and users on each platform.  That takes some grind to and research to really know each platform.  And if you are going to communicate on it, trying to be both organic in your reach and growth and native in your content is key.

Many of you in the social media world know that i am talking about in that last sentence  But many dont.  This article is more for them.  In fact, if you are well versed in social media content marketing and creation, you probably want to stop reading...and on the other hand, i know a company hiring in the Carolina's you might want to check out - 

For the rest fo us, organic growth and native content, lets look into what the means:

Organic Growth - pretty simply, dont use gimmicks or pay for followers.  While Facebook Ads are acceptable to gain page growth because you can demographically target the audience you want to reach, paying for follower growth servies on twitter and instagram, for example, is frowned upon and really doesnt help you in the long run with your efforts of reach and marketing and conversion.

Native Content - each social media plaform has a language.  Understanding how to speak and put out content that matches that language is a learned skill.  A picture that gains 50 likes on Instagram may barely get noticed on twitter - a 5 minute video on YouTube may not get the views on Facebook.  A Pinterest cover photo to a blog/article may get better click thru's rather than when shared on instagram.  Knowing (and trying) to find what works langauge (content) wise is a skill that must be honed and improved over and over again.

Next time we will talk about not forgetting to "engage" with your audience - 


I have had the privelege of chapreroning my 7th grade son's band field trip to Williamsburg, VA.  We got to go on a ghost tour in downtown colonial Wiliamsburg, my first time in the area, and it made for some great pictures and an interesting experience.  Now if you want to hear and experience what we did i reccomend you book a trip.  I wont go deep into my individual experience, at least not for the purposes of this blog.  But, i do want to make an observation:  As the ghost tour guide told stories of expereince and the experience of others at various locations and homes around the town, i realized our social media marketing is really story telling.

Whether you mean to or not, you are weaving a stroy with every tweet, blog, video, post - and the best salesman are the best story tellers.  So my questions is, how intentional are you?  If you havent realized you're a story teller, well now you do...and how will that change how you use the different social platforms?  How will your story (post) engage your audience, capture their attentions, draw them in, or cause them to action? Describing a new listing - sharing a market update - fun at your latest networking event.  You are a story teller and author to multiple audiences looking to buy in to the right content (story).  

So think about this next time you post - the best story you ever heard, what drew you in?



Not all Social Media platforms are the same - i know as a Realtor, your probably know that.  But then why do we act in the opposite of our knowledge.  At the core, its most likely because we say we believe it, but we dont.  A video posted to both Youtube and Facebook...a picture on intagram and snapchat..a tweet and a blog (well, at least that one i hope you get the difference).  Heres the thing - while efficiency screams at us to re-post everywhere, the real strategy is being able to use the same content, but create strings of native posts from it that match each platform's unique audience and demographics for the best reach and response.

My first suggestion is this - Start with either a blog or video.  If you can make one, you can most likely create the other. - Though those who choose the Blogging medium may not feel they have the onscreen personality to make a video - or editing ability - or maybe a good voice over (guess what, thats why there is )...but really, a blog or video is the longest bit of content from which you can draw smaller native posts and content from for the other platforms.

Next time, we wil talk about splitting off those "parts" from the whole


There is so much good content on social media marketing for realtors out there.  Sometimes concise and sometime overwhelming.  Through it all, i think the main foundational idea is social media marketing is not a fad, but rather an important component of your marketing strategy in real estate.  Its not something you can ignore if real estate is your long term passion and career.  It is a part of our culture, just like computers, internet, emails, smart phones.  Its a basis of communication with clients and prospects.  You can no longer ignore it or say you don't like.  

Here is the thing though - you don't have to know everything or be an expert on every platform from the start.  NO ONE KNOW ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA.  And new platforms are created every day.  So be patient, start with what you know and what you will use consistently.  Just don't stay in the dark about it...



Sometimes it is easy to forget that as a REALTOR, you are hiring your company even more than they are hiring you.  Your decision of where to join to grow your business will have a direct impact on the growth curve OF your business.  So what does that mean?

1.  Did you connect with the Broker or Manager in such a way you would feel comfortable utilizing their support (and did they seem ready to provide support when you need it)?

2. What is the company going to provide you?

3. Is the compenastion plan one that will grow your business at the right pace?

4. Is there enough flexibility and freedom to allow you to be both successful and remain passionate about your career?


If you answer those 4 questions, it is more likely you will find a team and company where you can THRIVE in Your Real Estate Career! 


We recently did a company wide SWOT analysis for each agent in our first meeting of 2016 here at our company.  If you haven't done one yet using your 2015 and looking ahead to 2016 I highly recommend that you do.  It is so insightful and a quick way to strategize and analyze performance.  What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your real estate career in the recent past in the next step forward?  Is your marketing budget reflective of your strengths and opportunities?  Do you need to hire a team member or partner up with someone who has strength where you have a weakness?  Are your threats able to be overcome with systems and strategies?

You see, taking a time out for a simple SWOT may totally refresh and energize your business this year.  We also have a tool called a CBA (Confidential Business Assessment) on our career site that you may find very helpful!


I think we need to be a little honest.  As a real estate agent, we have the luxury of being able to take time out of our day to get some Christmas shopping done, write off some of our gifts to clients on our taxes, and most likely help out at our kids school events during the busy Holiday rush!  In fact, as a Realtor in the 21st century, you should be able to somewhat work while doing any one of these things with access to your phone and your zipfroms, esignature accounts, email, dropbox, text, SMM, etc!!

What an awesome career we have in real estate!  What a blessing to be in this business during the holidays!  Give thanks for your career, give thanks for your family, give thanks in this Christmas season that you can give not just resources, but your time!  What a great 2015 it has been - and I can't wait for what 2016 holds for our Industry!