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If you dont get that, then you have missed the point of business. Maybe of life if we want to get really philosophical for a moment. When we deem someone into "client" status, there is responsibility that comes along with that and an understanding of the creation of relationship that needs to addressed for a successful business to endure. No matter the industry, this needs to be taken to heart.

Personally, my real estate business is a great picture of how this plays off. Without genuine relationship with each client, its simply transaction management. Maybe that what some people want, some Realtors even. Just pure numbers game. But for me personally, I take the stance that each person i work with doesnt represent one transaction, but rather a network of business over the span of my career. To view it like that requires me to develop enough relationship that I become a part of my clients world whenever real estate is the topic. Whether it comes up for themselves, a co-worker, a family member, etc.

In every industry, a deeper understanding of client relationships can only improve the long term success of every business. Even when your company is running BIG numbers, to build a legacy of quality brand and success, the truth is their will be genuine correlation between how much "good" relationship there is between you (your business) and your clients.



Before being subdued for the Holiday Season of 2015, where your work starts to take a back seat to the distractions and activities of the end of the year - i implore you to gear up and hit the gas pedal!  Take advantage of other Reatlors slacking in your local market, like north myrtle beach!  Ramp up farming efforts, network and contact past clients, ask for new business - now is the time where you have a great intro ("ready for the holidays"?) to open up a conversation, or send something of value to your database and farm areas.  Tell investors that they have opportunity to buy at a slow season of the market.  Create value with year end "Neighborhood Home Value Reports for 2015" (for example) - 

I believe you can head into 2016 by closing out 2015 with a ton of momentum!  And most importnatly - evaluate your current business conditions?  Does a change help or hurt your real estate career?  Something to consider as you take stock and evaluate your 2015 real estate business!